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Exercises for postural development in babies

Babies who are introduced to professional baby exercises in a friendly way soon come to enjoy doing them. These exercises enhance mobility, strength, good posture and physical enterprise. The exercises are based on babies’ reflex responses to being held, moved or touched in particular ways. To produce good results baby exercises must properly learned and applied.

Professional exercises for babies are of importance because babies under nine months respond better, faster and more lastingly to remedial exercises than do toddlers, schoolchildren or adults. The babies have the advantage of faster growth and development, the plastcity of softer, only partially-ossified bones and a greater adaptability of the nervous system. Gaining babies' effective and enjoyed cooperation is not easily learned because babies move mostly reflexively and not consciously. Just giving them some playful physical activity is unlikely to do any harm, but the danger is that, with paucity of good an reliable results, parents, doctors and therapists will see no convincing improvements that alone promise ongoing recognition of the value of promotive, preventive and corrrective baby exercises.

Teachers for post-graduate theoretical and practical training and research are urgently needed.