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Exercises for mothers after childbirth combined with exercises for their babies

Four months after the birth mother makes extra sure to restore muscles stretched and strained during childbirth. This is the best time to help her baby to become straight and strong.
Remedial exercises after childbirth for the mother and professional baby exercises for the baby are two comparatively new subjects that have each shown their value in medicine. Since they both involve the motherís attendance in private sessions or possible classes, the proposition is now made to combine teaching mother and baby in combined sub-divided sessions of about 45 minutes duration: 15 minutes for mother and baby doing remedial exercises together, 15 minutes for the motherís attention to the baby only and 15 minutes for generally stimulating and refreshing exercises for mother only, with her baby then resting. The mother is shown the baby exercises with great care, the easiest ones first. She is told that any good results achieved in babyhood are medically considered to last a lifetime. The reasons are given for the unusual effectiveness of early exercises:
  • the relative softness of the, as yet, only partially ossified bones of babies
  • the ability of babiesí muscles to pull the bones into their correct shape
  • the sharpening of the babyís inborn posture sense and
  • the unusually fast growth and development of babies.

To give you an idea of how well combined exercises can be arranged, here are examples of what the exercises look like and how effectively they can involve mother and baby together.